What can possibly sparks from the collision between young generation designers and manufacturers and the oldest material, marble?
Lo Studio della Pietra, International Workshop on Hualien Marble, was organized by blancor Studio. We invited designers to come to Hualien to work with Stone and Resource Industry R&D Center and Italian designer Moreno Ratti. In the collaboration between designing and manufacturing, we jointly explored the potentialities of marble design.

Hualien is located at Eastern Taiwan, where two plates converge, creating precious Serpentinite and Taiwanese white marble. After half a century of stone mining and transporting, Hualien has became the center of Taiwan marble industry, which is renowned for marble craft, interior decoration and architectural materials. The challenge for the younger generation designers is to develop new aesthetics which reflect the contemporary social context. However, this would not be possible without the support from local manufacturers. Under the collaborations with local factories, we unveiled six marble furnitures and homewares at Taiwanese Designers' Week this year. Every piece of work is ready for ordering and to enter your everyday life.